Jack Frost Log Works
Fairbanks, Alaska
Scott Swingle

"Uniquely Handcrafted homes for a sustainable future"

We are a full service log construction company specializing in cold climate building for tough Interior Alaska conditions.

Our handcrafted log homes are artistically constructed to provide maximum efficiency and beauty.

We limit our production each year to ensure that we provide exclusive individual service, focusing on excellence rather than quantity.

In a world that is becoming increasingly filled with bland, prefabricated manufactured homes and McMansions, we strive to bring an element of unique, individual craftsmanship and pride of ownership to a home that will last for generations.

Our services include:
  • Complete turn key log homes and cabins
  • Log shells featuring full Scandinavian style scribe work or 3-sided logs
  • Saunas and outbuildings
  • Decks with log supports and accents
  • Log stairs
  • Roof trusses
  • Boom truck services-- setting trusses and purloins
  • Logging and hauling
  • Site preparations including clearing, hauling, and dirt work

Jack Frost Log Works * Fairbanks, Alaska
Scott Swingle - Owner * jackfrostlogworks@hotmail.com