About Jack Frost Log Works

Building Quality Alaskan Log Homes Since 1989

About Jack Frost Log Works

Jack Frost Log Works owner Scott Swingle has lived in Fairbanks for over 30 years. Scott has been building both log and frame structures in Alaska since 1989. Having  raised his family in Fairbanks,  Scott prides himself in building a better community one home at a time.

Scott takes classes yearly and works with Alaska’s Cold Climate Housing Research Center and the International Log Builders Association to stay on top of the newest and most efficient building techniques and products. He has shared his knowledge through Log Building Schools offered through the business.

Scott is proud of the amazing team of highly experienced and multi-talented employees at Jack Frost Log Works.

Green Building for a
Sustainable Future

Jack Frost Log Works’ unique handcrafted homes utilize Green Building methods and materials. From lot selection and site preparation through the design and development process, we focus on sustainability and efficient use of resources. Our logging, excavation and site preparation methods allow us to save trees and optimize natural features.

Orienting houses for passive solar/wind considerations saves on energy costs and reduce the carbon footprints of our buildings.  We source our logs locally and minimize transportation costs. Our log building techniques use the whole log and greatly reduce waste.

Our energy efficient designs include modern heating and insulation methods, thermally efficient windows, and water saving technologies. These avoid damaging chemicals and enhance indoor air quality.

Jack Frost Log Works builds quality homes that are not just aesthetically beautiful, but also lower utility bills, increase comfort, improve health, and protect the environment.

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Scott Swingle - Owner
Green Building Methods